Test the Devopsdao dApp from customer perspective

If you want to test the Devopsdao dApp…

Open the Devopsdao Web App

Connect your Wallet

  • Click right on the top to connect your Wallet.
  • Follow the Meta Mask Instructions.
  • Once your Wallet is connected, you see the Amount of DEV Tokens in your Wallet on the Home Screen.
  • Click on the “+” button on the right side of the bottom of the Home Screen to create a new Task.

Create a new Task

  • Add the Task Title and the Task Description.
  • For testing purposes, only select a small amount of DEV Test Tokens.
  • Click „Submit“ to share your Task in the Exchange

Performers now find your task in Tab „Tasks“

  • Performers can find Customer´s Task under Tab „Task“ in the Exchange.
  • Customers can not see their own task in the Exchange.
  • As a Customer, open the Tab „Customer“ to see your own Tasks

Customer Tab — where the work progressing

  • On the Customer Tab, Customer finds all own Tasks.
  • The first Task from the top named “Test Task for Video Tutorial”, is the Task we have created on a previous step.
  • At the moment, the Task is in the Tab „Selection”, because first you have to receive applications, followed by choosing a Performer for your Task.
  • Right on the Task Overview, you see white numbers in red circles on each Task. These numbers show the numbers of Performers who applied for the Tasks.

Now the Customer needs to choose a Performer

  • Now, the red circle on the Task overview shows the number “1”, which means we have one application for the Task.
  • Click on the Task to open it.
  • Now, you can chooses the contractor by clicking on the Wallet address. On later stages, profile details will be visible here.
  • Follow the Meta Mask Instructions.

Customer Category “Progress” Part 1

  • After the Customer choose the Perfomer, the Task moves from the category „Selection“ to „Progress“ and the performer has to start the Task.
  • As long, the Performer didn´t start the Task, the color of the Task stays white.
  • To open Chat function, open the Task by clicking on it. Double click on Task Description. A new window opens, double click on Task Description again and start chatting with the performer.

Customer Task “Progress” Part 2

  • After the Performer started the Task, the color of the Task changes from “white” to “blue” and the status on the right site changes to „progress“.

Customer Task “Progress” Part 3

  • After the Performer finished the Task, he send it to the Customer to review the work. With this step, the color of the tasks changes from “blue” to “green” and the status changes to „Review“.

Review Performer´s work

  • Click on the Task to open the Details.
  • Review the work.
  • Click on „Sign Review if you agree with the Work.
  • Follow the Meta Mask Instructions.

Task is completed

  • After the Customer signed the Review, the Task is done and the Performer can payout the amount of this Task. The Task switches automatically from the category „Progress“ to „Complete“ and the color changes back to white.

Rate the work

  • The Customer can select the amount of stars for the work oft he performer. 5 is the best, zero the worst. The Performer can rate the Customer afterwards as well.
  • The Customer can top up here to give the Performer a tip.
  • Click on „Rate Review“ to leave Review, visible on later Stages in Users Profiles.

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